Workstation PCs for Avid Media Composer

Custom Workstation PCs designed for Avid Media Composer

Avid is the professional video editing software used by many major film studios including Marvel and Disney. Most recently, it was used to edit blockbusters such as Black Panther, Deadpool 2, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Whether you’re working with Media Composer | First, Avid’s free version, or Ultimate, the no holds barred version for professionals, we can custom design a workstation that’s perfect for your needs.

Our custom build process allows you to focus on the components for your specific workflow to maximize the hardware performance for your investment. Choose from one of these hand-selected options below to get started or contact our sales team for assistance.

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ProMagix™ HD360MAX

Two Xeon Scalable processors with up to 24-cores each and NVIDIA Quadro options make this powerhouse our most versatile workstation.

Starting at $3299

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ProMagix™ HD80

Heavy duty media creators and multimedia enthusiasts, look no further than the highly threaded ProMagix HD80. Choose between Intel Core X and AMD Threadripper 3.

Starting at $2729

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ProMagix™ HD80 Threadripper Workstation

The multi-threaded power of AMD's new Ryzen Threadripper processors. 64 Cores and 128 Threads of processing muscle make this system ideal for data calculations and media creation.

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Animation and rendering with Avid Media Composer

Media Composer can be quite hardware intensive and is optimized to utilize multiple cores, also known as multi-threaded, which is why we recommend a higher core count system like our HD80 or HD360MAX, though these requirements may change depending on how many bins and tracks you generally work with. We also recommend including a powerful NVIDIA Quadro GPU like the P4000 for accelerated rendering. If your application requires it, we can overclock compatible processors at your request, giving you the best of both worlds with high core count and high frequency.

If your work within Cinema 4D is heavily focused on these tasks, we’d also recommend overclocking compatible processors to maximize the potential core frequency.

For assistance choosing the exact configuration for your workflow, contact us.

The World’s Fastest Hardware

We use only the very latest retail grade components in our workstations optimized for Avid. Each component in our online configurator has been chosen by our expert engineering team for maximum performance and the utmost reliability, ensuring that your hardware never gets in the way of your design.


Why Velocity Micro

Velocity Micro’s heritage began 20-years ago building ultra-performance desktop workstations. Since then, we’ve won nearly every award possible for design, support, and quality there is, and continue to build incredible custom systems to this day. Our architecture and engineering workstations are simply without equal. A few reasons to choose Velocity Micro: