Workstation PCs for SolidWorks Simulation Solutions

Custom Workstation PCs optimized for SolidWorks Simulation Solutions

SolidWorks simulation solutions are a portfolio of analysis tools designed to predict a product’s physical behavior, including fluid flow, heat transfer, and plastic part defects through virtual testing of 3D models. But all of that simulation requires a specialized desktop designed for just that task.

At Velocity Micro, we’ve been building powerful workstations optimized for Solidworks’ entire suite of software since day one. Whether your focus is on simulation or other applications like 3D CAD, CAM, Product Data Management, Electrical Design, or Technical Communication, our ultra performance workstations will reduce wait times and improve interactivity in your workflow to make you more productive. Choose a SolidWorks computer below to get started or contact our team for assistance.

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AMD Elite system builder
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intel processor

ProMagix™ HD360MAX

Two Xeon Scalable processors with up to 24-cores each and NVIDIA Quadro options make this powerhouse our most versatile workstation.

Starting at $3299

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ProMagix™ HD80

Heavy duty media creators and multimedia enthusiasts, look no further than the highly threaded ProMagix HD80. Choose between Intel Core X and AMD Threadripper 3.

Starting at $3229

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nvidia quadro

Simple Solutions

Though many of Solidworks’ applications are frequency-bound, Simulation applications do take advantage of multi-threading, at least up to 10-cores. That’s why we recommend our Intel-based HD80 or our AMD based HD80A for this type of workflow. Pairing either one of those multi-core processors with a mid-range NVIDIA Quadro like P2000 or P4000 will have you finding solutions to previously unsolvable problems.

The World’s Fastest Hardware

We use only the very latest retail grade components in our workstations optimized for Solidworks Simulation. Each component in our online configurator has been chosen by our expert engineering team for maximum performance and the utmost reliability, ensuring that your hardware never gets in the way of your design.


Why Velocity Micro

Velocity Micro’s heritage began 20-years ago building ultra-performance desktop workstations. Since then, we’ve won nearly every award possible for design, support, and quality there is, and continue to build incredible custom systems to this day. Our architecture and engineering workstations are simply without equal. A few reasons to choose Velocity Micro: