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Keyshot Workstations

Keyshot’s real-time rendering engine creates fast, accurate visuals of 3D creations. Untap its true potential with a custom designed professional workstation.

Performance Optimized

Our Keyshot workstations are specifically designed for single threaded workflows to maximize performance without wasted resources. You won’t find a faster PC for Keyshot anywhere.

Expert Build Quality

Every Keyshot PC we create is meticulously crafted by expert hands using only premium grade parts. The end result is a faster, more reliable PC that helps you get more done.

25 Years Experience

We’ve been building award winning Lumion Keyshot workstations for professional workflows since 1997. It's that legacy that we continue to bring to every workstation PC we create today.


ProMagix™ HD150

One of the benefits of Keyshot as an application is its ability to access multiple system cores to accelerate renderings. Whether your workflow includes local or dedicated rendering, it’s important to invest in a multicore system like our HD150 to avoid bogging down your system and inhibiting your productivity.

ProMagix HD80
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ProMagix™ HD360MAX

Our most versatile Keyshot PC ever, the dual socket ProMagix™ HD360MAX features high core count Intel Scalable Xeon processors, high speed ECC RAM, and ultra fast NVMe SSDs.

ProMagix HD360
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[The ProMagix HD80] is a lot of computer, and runs incredibly fast … It’s just built right.

- Post Magazine, June 2021

Keyshot FAQ

How many CPU cores do I need?

Keyshot is multi-threaded, meaning the software is optimized to take advantage of high core count workstations. In most cases, the more cores, the better. Not all user workflows are the same, so be sure and contact us for an optimized configuration.

Does Keyshot require Xeon processors?

The main advantage of Intel Xeon is support for ECC RAM. Though not a requirement for Keyshot, the error correcting ability of ECC is nice to have, especially with high RAM density or complex renders.

Quadro or Geforce graphics – which is best?

That answer depends on your specific workflow. For most Keyshot users, Geforce cards are a better value because of their GDDR6 vRAM and higher GPU frequency. Some power users may find they need the extra performance that upper tier Quadros can offer. Check out this blog post for more details, but Geforce is likely the best choice here.

Does Keyshot use Ray Tracing?

Yes, Keyshot does use Ray Tracing to accurately depict the effects of shadow and light to create photorealistic renderings. For that reason, we recommend an RTX series GPU to take advantage of that feature.

I don’t know what I need – can you help?

Yes! Our sales team is happy to help with putting a configuration together to meet your needs and budget. Email or call us at 804-419-0900 for assistance.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders with Net Terms from pre-approved accounts. Contact us for details or complete our application here.

Built Without Limits

Our professional workstations have been the choice of Fortune 100 companies, Ivy League Universities, and Federal agencies since 1997. Here's why:

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Superior Performance.
Our exclusive engineering techniques have allowed us to create record-shattering PCs for enthusiasts and professionals for over 25 years.


Lifetime US-Based Support.
All PCs are covered by in-house 100% US-based support. You will never be charged for a call placed to our expert support team.


Meticulous Build and Wiring.
Our meticulous build process means cleaner wiring with superior thermals and reliability. We’re obsessed with perfection.


Consultative Sales Process.
Our sales team is trained to apply their expertise to your specific use case to ensure maximum confidence before you buy.


75+ Awards - And Counting.
Our focus on performance and craftsmanship have made us the most decorated PC builder in the USA.