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AutoCAD Workstations

Custom workstations designed for smoother operation and real time visualization to maximize your workflow.

Performance Optimized

Our AutoCAD workstations are specifically designed for single threaded workflows to maximize performance without wasted resources. You won’t find a faster PC for AutoCAD anywhere.

Expert Build Quality

Every AutoCAD workstation we create is meticulously crafted by expert hands using only premium grade parts. The end result is a faster, more reliable PC that helps you get more done.

25 Years Experience

We’ve been building award winning workstations for professional workflows since 1997. It's that legacy that we continue to bring to every workstation PC we create today.


Raptor™ S55

If you can't afford to stop working even when you don't access to your desktop, don't worry. The Raptor S55 is equipped with a top-of-the-line, Intel 14th gen i9-14900HX with 24 cores built to tackle even your most complicated models.

Raptor S55
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2D/3D Modeling

ProMagix™ HD60

AutoCAD is largely single threaded, meaning single core processor speed is critically important when paired with the proper RAM and solid state boot drives. The HD60 is optimized for both 2D and 3D modeling for maximum performance without the waste of those additional cores. Pair with a professional grade Quadro GPU for higher precision and accelerated render times.

ProMagix HD60
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ProMagix™ HD80

If you'd like to take your AutoCAD workstation a step further, the ProMagix HD80 will provide you will all the leverage to do so. All of the benefits of the HD60 are expanded upon in our full-tower SX3 chassis. Get the best possible performance on 2D and 3D modeling on single-threaded tasks with room for superior cooling. Pair it with even the largest of video cards to accelerate render times and put time back in your work day.

ProMagix HD80
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How many CPU cores does CAD need?

For most AutoCAD workstation users, the ideal configuration is a high CPU core frequency with fewer CPU cores. Unless you’re also doing heavy rendering, more than 8 cores won’t provide much performance advantage. Not all user workflows are the same though, so be sure and contact us for an optimized configuration.

Do I need Xeon for CAD?

Intel Xeon processors are great for highly threaded applications or those that require ECC RAM, but for AutoCAD, Core i7 or i9 are a much better value and typically will perform better overall.

Quadro or Geforce graphics?

That answer depends on your specific workflow. For most Revit users, Geforce cards are a better value. But for heavy render tasks, Quadro often provides more horsepower. Check out this blog post for more details.

Is Hard Drive speed important for CAD?

As a general rule faster SSDs will reduce load and save times, especially when working with very large, complex models. You may see some diminishing returns with the very fastest PCIE Gen 5 drives though.

I don’t know what I need – can you help?

Yes! Our sales team is happy to help with putting a configuration together to meet your needs and budget. Email or call us at 804-419-0900 for assistance.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders with Net Terms from pre-approved accounts. Contact us for details or complete our application here.

Built Without Limits

We've been the choice of gamers, Fortune 100 companies, Ivy League Universities, and Federal agencies since 1997. Here's why.


Premium components, hand selected for performance and longevity.


A meticulous build process that means cleaner wiring with superior thermals and reliability.


Extensive stress testing and 200 point QA process ensures each PC is perfect, right out of the box.


70+ awards for performance, quality, support, and design in our storied history.


100% owned and operated in Richmond, VA with in house, US-based support. For life.


No bloatware. Ever.

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Professional Case Studies

McPherson Architecture Case Study

McPherson Architecture, Denver CO

“We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product both functionally and aesthetically, and we feel like we’ve found a computer vendor who is truly a partner in our business.”

-Mark McPherson, Design Principal,
McPherson Architecture

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R. Michael Cross Design Group Case Study

R. Michael Cross Design Group

“I recommend Velocity Micro to anyone I meet who is a professional responsible for creating digital content.”

—R. Michael Cross, Principal Architect,
R. Michael Cross Design Group

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