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Finance Your Next PC with Bread

Low monthly payments

We have teamed up with Bread to offer easy financing – without a catch. There are no origination fees or prepayment penalties. Provide some basic information and get a real time decision to split your purchase into 12, 18, or 24 monthly payments* or even break up your purchase between a credit card and financing. Apply for Bread financing online today!

Low monthly payments
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What is Bread?

Bread® financing for electronics is a new type of financing platform helping you pay for your purchases over time by making easy-to-understand monthly payments available to you.

They are committed to treating our customers with dignity with terms that are clear and straightforward. No origination or prepayment fees. If you pay late or bounce a check, a ten dollar fee will apply in each case, in addition to the amount of your missed payment.

How do I buy with Bread?

It’s easy. Shop and choose the custom PC to meet your needs. When you’re ready to buy, add to cart and proceed through the checkout, choosing the "Financing with Bread" option in section 3. Follow our simple application process. If you pre-qualify, you’ll be shown the monthly cost of you system. You can quickly check out or go back to the start of the checkout process to choose a new payment method.

How do I make payments?

You can make your payments through ACH or debit card or by mailing Bread a check. To make an ACH or debit card payment, please log into your account at This page will guide you on how to set up an ACH payment from your bank account or use your debit card. So that you only need to do this once and never forget to make a payment, they will then ask you if you would like them to automatically debit your account or charge your debit card for all your future Bread payments. To make a payment by check, please mail the check to:

c/o Bread
Servicing Department
P.O. Box 1264
New York, NY 10276

Can I pay my loan back early?

Yes! You can prepay anytime for all or part of your loan. There is never a penalty for paying early.

Also, if you prepay more than the monthly payment but less than the total balance due on your loan, your monthly payment will remain the same. However, you will pay off your loan sooner and because of that you will pay less in total interest.

When are my payments due?

Your first payment will be due at least 30 days after Velocity Micro ships your order. Subsequent payments are due every month after that, usually on the same day of each month. (For instance, if your first payment was due on the 7th of a given month, future payments are generally due the same day each month. Of course, if your first payment was due on the 31st of a month or February 29th, they will make an adjustment.) You can see your full schedule of installment due dates in your account at

I want to cancel or return my purchase. What do I do?

Please contact Velocity Micro directly for assistance. Your loan size will be reduced by the cancellation or refund amount.

Have more questions?
Check out Bread's FAQ page by clicking here.

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*Subject to approval of credit application. Rates range from 6.99% to 29.99% APR, resulting in, for example, 24 monthly payments of $46.14 at 9.99% APR, per $1,000 borrowed. APRs will vary depending on credit qualifications, loan amount, and term. Bread® pay-over-time plans are loans made by Comenity Capital Bank.