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Avid Media Composer Workstations

Whether you’re working with Media Composer First, Avid’s free version, or Ultimate, the no holds barred version for professionals, Velocity Micro can custom design a qualified Avid workstation that’s perfect for your needs.

Professional Media Creation

Customize your Avid Media Composer workstation to your workflow. Our ultra-performance configurations allow for real-time visualizations and faster render times.

Expert Build Quality

Every PC we create is meticulously crafted by expert hands using only premium grade parts. The end result is a faster, more reliable PC that helps you get more done.

25 Years Experience

We’ve been building award-winning workstations for professional workflows since 1997. It's that legacy that we continue to bring to every workstation PC we create today.


ProMagix™ HD80

With up to 16 total cores and 64GB of DDRR5 RAM, the HD80 is powerful enough to tackle just about any professional project. Configure with Quadro graphics for a true powerhouse of a machine.

ProMagix HD80
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ProMagix™ HD360

Dual CPUs make this our most scalable workstation offering yet. Up to 96 total processing threads and 512GB+ ECC RAM tackle any project with ease.

ProMagix HD360
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ProMagix™ HD150

Our most robust single CPU workstation ever. With up to 128 CPU threads and up to 48GB of vRAM thanks to NVIDIA Quadro graphics, this system is the pinnacle of performance.

ProMagix HD150
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[The ProMagix HD80] is a lot of computer, and runs incredibly fast … It’s just built right.

- Post Magazine, June 2021

Avid FAQ

How Multi-threaded are film and studio spplications?

Most pro-level software like AVID is heavily threaded, meaning they will utilize virtually as many CPU cores and threads and you can throw at them. More cores = faster renders.

Does AVID need ECC RAM?

ECC – or error correcting RAM – is not something that AVID specifically require. But for complex renders or systems with 256+ GB total RAM, ECC may provide some additional stability to your workstation build.

Why is cooling important?

The faster the PC hardware, the more heat it generates. Dissipating that heat properly is the key to a stable, long-lasting workstation. Velocity Micro’s 25 years’ experience has allowed us to innovate case design and CPU coolers to keep your workstation as fast and cool as possible.

Quadro or Geforce graphics?

For professional grade rendering projects, there's no match for the performance of a top tier Quadro card. In addition to up to 48GB of vRAM, NVIDIA specifically optimizes Quadro drivers for pro applications to accelerate them. Check out this blog post for more details.

I don’t know what I need – can you help?

Yes! Our sales team is happy to help with putting a configuration together to meet your needs and budget. Email or call us at 804-419-0900 for assistance.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we do accept purchase orders with Net Terms from pre-approved accounts. Contact us for details or complete our application here.

Built Without Limits

We've been the choice of gamers, Fortune 100 companies, Ivy League Universities, and Federal agencies since 1997. Here's why.


Premium components, hand selected for performance and longevity.


A meticulous build process that means cleaner wiring with superior thermals and reliability.


Extensive stress testing and 200 point QA process ensures each PC is perfect, right out of the box.


70+ awards for performance, quality, support, and design in our storied history.


100% owned and operated in Richmond, VA with in house, US-based support. For life.


No bloatware. Ever.

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