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Warranty Support

Velocity Micro's award winning Customer Care, the premier source for information on your Velocity Micro PC. To help answer your questions and address support issues, our team of experts have compiled this library of walk-throughs, downloads, and FAQs. This information is updated, expanded, and refined on a daily basis to ensure you have the very latest information available.

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How do I register the warranty on my Velocity Micro system?

All Purchases

Whether you've purchased direct from our site our through a retailer like Amazon or Newegg, all PCs drop ship directly from our Richmond, VA facility. For that reason, there's no need to register your warranty - it has already been done for you.

Will installing new hardware void my warranty?

No, you can install hardware in your system, but keep in mind the following:

Please be aware that a system's core components can be replaced with 3rd-party hardware to a point that it is no longer a Velocity Micro system. In this case, we cannot provide warranty services or support for such a system.

I bought one of your older systems used, what kind of support, warranty, or refurbishment do you offer?

At this time we only offer warranty services and technical support to computers purchased directly through Velocity Micro or from an Authorized Retailer. Purchases made through a third party or from eBay are not covered by any warranty, though we can provide parts and upgrades via our Lifetime Upgrade Program.

Prior to purchasing a used PC, we highly recommend that you do the following:

What is the warranty on individual parts purchased?

Velocity Micro offers a one year warranty on all parts purchased and installed through our lifetime upgrade program. If the part fails during that period, Velocity Micro will provide the customer with a replacement.


If I sell/buy a Velocity Micro PC through a private seller/auction, can the warranty be transferred to the new owner?

We are very sorry, but at this time Velocity Micro does not allow for the transfer of warranty to a new owner if the PC is sold/purchased through a private sale or through a non-authorized reseller (ie: DealTree, eBay, Best Buy Outlet, et cetera are NOT authorized resellers). Private sale of the PC voids the warranty through Velocity Micro although the individual components may still be under their respective manufacturer warranties. No warranty services or support of any kind will be provided for such systems.

What is your Warranty Statement?


Velocity Micro provides 90 days to 3 years of warranty support for all systems shipped within the United States, depending on the warranty package purchased. Additionally, Velocity Micro provides phone and email support for the lifetime of the PC, during which time the customer may call Velocity Micro's Technical Support Department to speak with a qualified technician from Velocity Micro's support team to assess any issues only with:

The phone number and Warranty Number are on the Warranty Sticker, which is affixed to the computer case.


Support service begins upon the customer's receipt of the system. Support service covers only those products purchased from Velocity Micro that are shipped and used within the United States. Technical Support provides hardware and basic Operating System software support to resolve operational conflicts only.


Depot Repair service consists of the following: the customer shall ship the system to be repaired to Velocity Micro and Velocity Micro will ship it back to the customer.

Due to the complex nature of some computer problems, some system failures cannot be diagnosed by telephone and require the product be returned to Velocity Micro's facility for further diagnosis and repairs.

Prior written authorization is required or the package will be refused and shipped back at the customer's expense. Velocity Micro will pay normal ground shipping fees for RMAs (returned merchandise authorization) issued during the first 60 days from the customer's receipt of the system. Velocity Micro will pay for ground shipping to Velocity Micro's designated repair center and for return back to the customer at the original shipping address only. For RMAs issued after the first 60 days, the customer is responsible for shipping charges and shipping insurance to Velocity Micro facilities. Velocity Micro will pay for ground shipping charges to the customer. If the customer requests faster service, the customer will be charged for the difference in the shipping costs at the time the return authorization is originated. When shipping an entire computer system to Velocity Micro, the customer must use the original box and packing materials to ensure its safety. If the customer does not have the original shipping container, new packing must be purchased from Velocity Micro prior to the return of the computer. Velocity Micro is not responsible for damage to systems in transit.

If a system is recalled for repair and it is discovered that the problem is not covered under this warranty, Velocity Micro will notify the customer and inform them of service alternatives that are available to them on a fee basis. In this case the customer is responsible for paying all RMA shipping costs.


Velocity Micro warrants Velocity Micro's products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days to three (3) years from the date of invoice to the original customer, based on the warranty duration period selected at the time of purchase. Any implied warranties are limited to one year from the date of purchase and Velocity Micro is not liable for any subsequent damages. The customer will retain the invoice as evidence of the purchase date and the length of warranty the particular system carries, in addition to proof of purchase of optional extended warranty (when applicable). Velocity Micro will repair or replace any part of Velocity Micro's standard system (including the case, power supply, motherboard, processor, RAM, optical drive, hard drive, video card, sound card, and network card) found to be defective under normal use, unless the system has been misused, neglected, or abused as determined by Velocity Micro support staff. Monitors, speakers, printers, keyboards, mice, and all other accessory items not assembled or built by Velocity Micro are covered by their respective manufacturer's warranties.

If the computer is purchased from a third party retail store, the warranty coverage period will be one (1) year from the date of purchase unless the Velocity Micro product documentation included in the package has an extended warranty certificate. Velocity Micro does not honor supplemental warranties purchased from retailers.

Velocity Micro's responsibility is limited to repair or replacement, either of which may be selected by Velocity Micro at Velocity Micro's sole discretion. Velocity Micro makes no claim of suitability for a particular purpose. Additionally, the video card, sound card, and some other components may be covered by the original source manufacturers warranty of more than three years for part replacement only, but Velocity Micro's responsibility shall cease at the end of the warranty period of the particular component, and the customer must seek replacement from the manufacturer directly. Extended service plans may include a deductible payment, the term of which is stated on the original invoice, if applicable to the customer's system. Velocity Micro may decline warranty coverage without the customer's original invoice as evidence of coverage and system number. Removal or addition of hardware inside a Velocity Micro system DOES NOT void the customer's warranty for the remainder of the unchanged and unmodified computer components, unless the changes or parts damage other components that are covered. This warranty cannot be extended or transferred after the time of sale.

In keeping with standard industry practice, Velocity Micro reserves the right to substitute functionally equivalent new or serviceable reconditioned parts and systems, which are warranted for the remainder of same period as the original defective part. Velocity Micro reserves the right to change the brand or model of a component to one of equal performance or specification when the equivalent is no longer produced or available from Velocity Micro's normal suppliers. Velocity Micro is not responsible for any fees, duties, or tariffs applied as a result of shipment.

Velocity Micro's Limited Warranty covers only defects arising under normal use and does not include malfunctions or failures resulting from damage:

The warranty does not cover systems shipped outside of the United States of America.

Velocity Micro's Limited Warranty does not cover defects, malfunctions, or failures with the following items:

If Velocity Micro replaces or re-formats a hard disk during repairs or upgrades, Velocity Micro’s responsibility is limited to re-installing the original operating system and original device drivers only.


Velocity Micro claims no responsibility for any lost or missing data on a customer's computer. The customer is solely responsible to back-up all data files to an external medium prior to service. Service does not include data back-up, data restoration, or data transfer.


Velocity Micro reserves the right to change, modify, or remove, in whole or part any term, section or wording of this document, without prior written or verbal notification. The customer may at any time request an updated version of this document from Velocity Micro by returning to the support hub.

Retail System Warranty vs. Velocity Micro Direct Warranty

There is no difference in regards to warranty services like depot repair or RMA parts for direct vs. Retail system purchases.

Note: Systems not purchased from an authorized retailer or reseller, like those through clearing houses or online auctions, no longer carry any warranty at all as warranties are non-transferable from the original owner.

Where can I find my Warranty Number?

Your warranty number on your computer purchase is a 6-digit number that can be located in 2 places.

Will opening my case void my warranty?

No, but keep in mind the following: