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Sim Seats

Sim Seats, a builder of custom driving simulators designed primarily for driver training, has been purchasing Velocity Micro PCs since 2013 for its turnkey packages. These custom-tailored systems come in different levels to balance budget and match the caliber of equipment that each Sim Seats package offers. “Entry level single screen packages don't require the power output of large triple screen high refresh rate systems,” said Zach McAfee, Sim Seats Managing Director.

Sim Seats
Zach McAfee

Performance and Reliability

With drivers of all skill levels from Amateur to Pro counting on their Sim Seats rig for the most accurate track times and realistic practice sessions possible, a fast PC is a critical factor to their success. “A strong PC is a must from both performance and reliability perspective,” added McAfee.

The right tool for the job

But finding a PC supplier that could fulfill that expectation for reliability wasn’t easy for Sim Seats initially. “When we first started offering turn key packages, we purchased from a big online PC builder. It was a nightmare. Literally 50% of the first 10 PCs we purchased had issues,” said McAfee. “We've shipped many systems over the years and one thing we don't have to worry about [with Velocity Micro] is whether or not the PC is going to work. Lack of bloatware, excellent reliability and durability, and technical support are all huge pluses when working with VM. All of these result in better customer satisfaction for Sim Seats,” said McAfee.

When prompted for his favorite reason for buying from Velocity Micro for so long, he was quick to answer. “Over box store PCs one of the biggest reasons is lack of bloatware,” he said. “You get a clean system with no garbage apps to worry about or navigate. The performance is clear.”