Professional Workstation PCs

Customized and optimized for your workflow

Whether you’re searching for a professional workstation PC optimized for single or multi-threaded applications, Velocity Micro has the solution for you. Our meticulously crafted workstation computers can be customized for optimal performance for your needs, from 3D modeling with Maya to design with AutoCAD and everything in between. With 20+ years in the industry and over 70 Editors’ Choice awards to our credit, we’re ready to build your next ultra-performance workstation PC. Choose one of the software options below to get started.


Maya Workstation PCs

One of the most powerful 3D modeling software options available, Maya demands a quality PC with muli-threaded processor that will let you take full advantage of everything the program has to offer.

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3ds Max

3ds Max Workstation PCs

3DS MAX is a powerful solution for professional 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering. Our workstation computers tuned specifically 3ds Max are designed to unlock your full design potential.

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Revit Workstation PCs

Revit helps architects & engineers create complex building models in both 2D and 3D. For optimal performance, we recommend fast single threaded performance and a Quadro GPU.

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Solidworks Workstation PCs

SolidWorks software covers all aspects of the product development process from design to verification and data management. For optimal performance, we recommend a high frequency processor and professional graphics.

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro Workstation PCs

Perhaps the most popular video editing software of all time. An ultra-performance workstation PC with multicore CPU and powerful next gen GPU will get you ready to effortlessly create and render high definition content.

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Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects Workstation PCs

Adobe’s After Effects allows creators to add incredible video effects to their video projects. A powerful workstation PC like our ProMagix HD80 is a must for smooth rendering and quality timeline scrubbing performance.

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Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve Workstation PCs

A favorite among creators who produce full length features, DaVinci Resolve continues to grow in popularity every year. A modern next gen PC with multicore CPU and Quadro GPU will help with smoother transitions, create high definition files, and render complex timelines.

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Blender Workstation PCs

Blender is a freeware program capable of creating incredible 3D effects but can also require some serious PC horsepower. Learn more about our selection of computers designed for Blender here.

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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Workstation PCs

Photoshop continues to be the most popular photo editing application on the planet. For optimal performance, we recommend a powerful processor, at least 16GB of RAM, and entry level graphics for filter acceleration.

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AutoCAD Workstation PCs

AutoCAD is a modeling application used by designers, engineers, and architecture firms the world over. Its single threaded architecture means high frequency, lower core count processors are ideal, especially when paired with Quadro GPUs.

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Vray Workstation PCs

Vray is a powerful rendering engine used as a 3rd party plug in by applications like Maya, Blender, and Modo. Its ability to accurately depict depth, reflection, and aperature can create serious lag on underperforming systems.

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Other Workstation PC Categories

Don’t see your software listed above? Browse the categories below to find the perfect workstation PC for your needs, designed and refined to your exact specifications and optimized for peak performance.

Video Editing

Video Editing Workstation PCs

Unlike many tasks, most video editing suites utilize both your PC's CPU and GPU. Picking a balanced system that can handle the type of content you produce can dramatically increase your productivity and decrease render times.

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3D Modeling

3D Modeling Workstation PCs

3D modeling requires a high level of skill, powerful software, and extreme PC hardware. Our workstations can help you create advanced models and render complex projects more quickly.

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Adobe CC

Adobe CC Workstation PCs

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite includes programs like PhotoShop, InDesign, After Effects, Lightroom, and many more. A more robust workstation PC will help bring your creative vision to life.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Workstation PCs

Creating the systems of the future via Artificial Intelligence is some of the most complex work being done today, requiring computers with high levels of computational ability. We have a selection of high end machines capable of handling these tasks.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning Workstation PCs

Machine learning requires serious processing power to crunch those vast datasets. We recommend utilizing NVIDIA’s CUDA core technology with either Geforce of Quadro GPUs.

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning Workstation PCs

Perhaps the most power-hungry application of them all, deep learning requires serious PC hardware including multicore processors like AMD Threadripper or Epyc and multiple professional grade GPUs.

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CAD Workstation PCs

Used by designers, engineers, and architecture firms to create both 2D and 3D models, most CAD software is single threaded meaning high frequency, lower core count processors are ideal, especially when paired with Quadro GPUs.

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Day Trading

Day Trading Workstation PCs

In the fast-paced world of day trading, fractions of a second make a huge difference. Our day trading systems feature bleeding edge processors and graphics designed for multi-monitor support to give you an edge.

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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Workstation PCs

The world of Virtual Reality with headsets like Oculus and Vive is new and exciting, but also requires significant PC horsepower to ensure proper framerates. Whether you’re gaming in or developing for VR, we’ve got you covered.

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